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Marcus P. Whitman

Hello to my dear friends and loved ones.  Marcus is with Kindred Hospice, being cared for with dignity, love, and the utmost of respect.  I want to reassure you all that he is being made completely comfortable during this phase of time with us.  Our entire family feels so much gratitude. Thank you for your friendship and continued support, Jennifer Whitman.


A little bio on our years together.  In 1994, Marcus moved to Colorado from Chicago after having practiced law directly out of Law School.  In early 1995 we met and our lives blossomed. At the time we met I was a certified paralegal.  Together we began The Marcus Whitman Law Firm in Boulder, and over the following years, we built a reputation throughout Colorado.  In 1997, Marcus and I married, which cemented what had become a real and rare love story for us both.  Marcus and I have a wonderful and spirited daughter, Morgan Whitman, and our adventurous and createive son Patrick Whitman.  Marcus has one brother James, who is married to our sister-in-law Jocelyn Whitman.  James and Jocylyn have two loving children, Jordan and Sarah that mean so much to our children and to us.

Life Work

Marcus's passions include his family and his many great friends, pursuing his Ham Radio interest, countless activities in nature, reading, and travel.  His strong devotion to helping others is evident to all that know him.  He is a long-time member of Mensa, the Colorado and Boulder County Bar Associations, and the Illinois Bar.  Marcus and I have had the honor of being Board Members of several Colorado non-profit organizations.

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1. James T. Whitman
- 405

Marcus, Jennifer, Patric, Morgan:  This is James.  I feel I needed to share some words from my heart with you all.


I'll share the photos and videos you asked for Marcus, shortly.

2. James T. Whitman
- 362

Here are the photos you asked for so you can print them and keep them by Marcus' bedside. I'll be in touch soon.

3. James T. Whitman
- 354

Sarah's birthday!  Here is the video you asked for Marcus.  We wish you could have been here to celebrate wtih your favorote neice.

Tanvir Panjwani - Happy 4th Birthday Sarah!
11/06/2014 02:55 AM

4. Tanvir Panjwani
- 352
Marcus & family, your dedication and strength through this difficult time has been inspirational. You've all fought so hard while bringing your community together with you.

Marcus, you're an amazing man. I'm deeply honored to call you my friend.

5. Jennifer & Marcus Whitman
- 371

James, we love you dearly and we want you to know that you are present with us daily. Marcus and I are deeply moved by your video and were both wiping our eyes due to your warm expression of brotherly love. We miss you and believe that you will be able to be with us before Marcus passes. You and your family mean so much to our family! Thank you for the photos. Sarah is getting so big and we loved hearing you, Jocelyn, and Jordan singing to her! We are so proud of your service to our country, James. Love you very much! P.S. Marcus watched your video and Sarah's video 3x each -this afternoon while he was awake. You mean the world to him & made his day. Love and Hugs to you James!

6. Marcus Whitman
- 968

Tanvir, buddy, thank you. We have been through it all together, and my life would not be the same without your friendship. Who knows if I would have even chosen law if not for all the debating we did when we were growing up! Your visit last week was a welcome reprieve, and I like knowing that I can still win a few games of chess with you!

7. Douglas Olson
- 370

Marcus, our years of law school, friendship, and partnership, are among the best years of my life. Your family is my family, Marcus.  I want you to know that they will be taken care of by me and Caroline -always.

Marcus - Thank you Doug.
11/06/2014 12:11 AM

8. Stephanie Tallman
- 526

Jennifer, I am right here for you, Marcus, and the kids. Just say the word and I can help in any way you need. I am just around the corner, and I have the time. I feel so blessed to have you as my neighbors.

9. Heidi Clarkson
- 376

I will be dropping by tomorrow, late morning, to say hello. Can't wait to see you both! I will be bringing with me the tranquility, serenity, and rejuvenation music that I promised.

10. Stephen Klein
- 380
My best to the family in this difficult time.

jane - thank you
11/20/2014 03:46 PM