W.S. Macklin Jr. | Funeral
W.S. Macklin Jr.
March 16, 1932 - April 05, 2009

W.S. "Bill" Macklin Jr. of Loveland, CO, died April 5, 2009. He was born March 16, 1932 in Dayton, OH to William Sherman and Mildred D. (Leis) Macklin.

Graduating from Farmersville High School in 1950, he took one year of pre-law at Ohio State. He transferred to Devri/Deforest in Chicago, IL and took a 9-month Radio/TV course before joining the Navy in 1953.

Bill taught radar in Norfolk, VA during the Korean War. After leaving the Navy, Bill joined IBM in Dayton, OH; then transferred to Poughkeepsie, NY for training on the 7070 large mainframe computer. After training, Bill was transferred to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH as a Customer Engineer. At WPAFB he met his wife, Patricia, who was working on the early IBM punched card machines. They married in June 1957 and were transferred to Cincinnati, OH; then a few months later to Chattanooga, TN. Bill was the IBM CE for TVA and the Military base in Tullahoma, TN. Bill transferred back to Poughkeepsie, NY where he taught new IBM students and helped write the manual for the large mainframe 7070 computer. Bill's 34-year career with IBM included being a customer engineer, teaching, service planning representative, and engineering before retiring in Colorado Springs, CO in May 1989.


He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Patricia; his daughters Amy Spradlin of Tifton, GA and Vicki Sawyer of Boulder, CO; his son Chris Macklin of Asheville, NC; sister Claudia Seitsinger of NM; brother Bryan Macklin of FL; and 9 grandchildren in North Carolina and Georgia

Memorial Service

Cremation to be completed.

Memorial Contributions

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Cancer Society of America in care of Fairmount cememtery, 1616 N. Lincoln Ave., Loveland, CO 80538.

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1. Bill and Marilyn Stuart

Back in the late 1960's or early 1970's, Bill was my introduction to Service Planning in Boulder. They could not have picked a better person to lead me through the maze of Service Planning and interfacing with GPD. Bill was always cool, calm and collected. I always felt whatever knowledge I had of bringing a new product into the market, was due to working with Bill. One of the highlights of the day in Boulder Service Planning was the hearts game. Playing against Bill was always a tough battle. When the table was full, I enjoyed sitting behind Bill and watching him play his hand. Can't remember who won the most games, but I would bet it was Bill. Bill, thanks for all you have done. You will always be remembered.

2. Ann Marie Stinehelfer

To those of us who knew and worked with "Mac," he was among the most unique and caring individuals I have ever met. He was always there to help, guide and raise the spirits of any one of us - always with his vast knowledge, his devilish smile and the ever present twinkle in his eye. He counseled, cajoled, supported and cared about all his friends and colleagues. He, along with his wonderful wife, Patsy, opened their home and their hearts to us, no matter our circumstances and made us feel like family in good times and bad. He shared his talent, wisdom, unending jokes, his appreciation of music and of living life to the fullest. I have no doubt that he is doing that right now in his next life, and I can hear him telling us that it's true with his favorite expression - "Trust Me." He will live on in our hearts and memories and will be sorely missed by all whose lives he touched. It was my privilege to have known him.

3. Matt Warriner

Bill has been a great friend and neighbor. I miss him standing in front of his house when I pull in from work in the afternoon with a glass of wine in his hand and always a positive hello and how are you doing. That will always be burned in my memory of him and will live on forever. God Bless you Bill. Your buddy, Matt

4. Robin Morgan

Mac, your charm and wit were great assets which you wielded in business and in interpersonal relations always to the benefit in business and to the laughter control center for the people who came your way. I don't know of a single time that your actions caused pain (unjustifiably). If someone was wrong, Mac, you made sure they got corrected. I personally can only attribute one "atta boy" from Mac, but the way it was stated and delivered, was worth more than a whole bunch of them from lots of other folks. Mac, when you said, "Trust me", we all learned you were sure that you had it right. I'll miss you, Mac.

5. Suella Fenton

Mac, even though we never met we are second cousins. I was hoping to get to meet you someday, but guess the Lord had other plans for you before that happened, so we will have to meet in Heaven. I am sure you are at peace now with the Lord. Patsy, I am glad your daughter, Amy was there to help with Mac during his last days. Please keep those emails coming. Love you, Suella

6. Arden Nelson

Good Morning, Bill, how is it going? PerrrFECT !! Well, how do you know that? TRUST ME!! Then you walk in to his office and see the poster of a friggen black panther with the caption "TRUST ME". That was the typical response every morning for several years in Service Planning, when I had the opportunity to work with Bill. He would arrive at work early in the morning. It was a challenge to get there before him. We would talk about all the responsibilities of the SPR'S (Service Planning Representatives) and how they were performing their duties and what it would take to make them good Field Managers. Bill had the uncanny ability to communicate to the SPR'S and also to Engineering to keep a smooth dialog going to resolve situations to the best ultimate resolution. That was the CUSTOMER. The many years that Bill and I worked together, I never saw him get upset at anyone or any situation. He always had a calm, common sense resolution to the problem which I always admired about him. I would be ranting and raving about what engineering was doing wrong and write a stinging letter to them. I would, of course, pass it by Bill before sending it. He would say "we need to take all the emotion out of this letter and just tell them the facts". Of course, that is the way the letter would be sent. I enjoyed the many visits after Bill and I retired from IBM, talking about the good old times. I know Patsy enjoyed them too. I learned a lot from Bill Macklin. Patsy, I know you will miss him very much, and I will too. Arden Nelson

7. Vicki Macklin

This is a letter I wrote to my dad that my mom read to him on his last coherent day. Dad, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having you as a father. You taught me to never let anyone set boundaries for you & to fight for your dreams. You taught me to look inward and to "know myself" so life would be smoother & easier to enjoy on a daily basis. You taught me the value of hard work. I am succesful today as a result of your values growing up & your insight and suggestions from conversations as an adult. You taught me the wisdom of listening to your elders. You gave me a strong foundation to build upon & I Thank You. You taught me that you have to expend energy to get what you want out of life & that it can be hard sometimes. That life still greets you at your door by just opening it. You taught me the value of Integrity. You taught me the value of Strength. You taught me the value of Purpose. You taught me Courage. You have helped shape & mold me into who I am today. I am happy. Thank You! I love you, Vicki

8. Jim Thomas

It seems like I've known Bill most of my adult life even though we only worked together for a few years in Service Planning at Boulder. That's the kind of effect Bill had on many of his 'charges'. When I came into the group in '84, I was very green and Bill was one of the senior guys charged with whipping us greenhorns into shape and teaching us the ropes. Even though I didn't work directly for Bill, he was always there to answer any questions I had and share his experiences and advice. I learned an awful lot from Bill during those years; things that served me well throughout my career in IBM. I am privileged to have known and worked with Bill. He said "Trust Me". I did, and he never let me down. Patsy, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family. You have countless, wonderful memories of Bill and I know they will bring you comfort and solace as you deal with his loss. Jim Thomas

9. Rich Buerman

It is with heartfelt sadness that I learned of Bill's illness and passing. Although my association with him during the Service Planning days was short, it certainly impacted me in both a professional and personal way. His calm, thoughtful and consistent demeanor was a model for many of us that graduated from the 'Macklin School of Crisis Management.' My memories of Bill are vivid and I will cherish them fondly as I remember those wonderful days in Service Planning. To his family and friends, I trust your love and memories of Bill will lessen the sadness in this time of your loss.

10. Scott & Rebecca Findley

Patsy & children, We are very sorry to hear about Mac. We hope that you are all doing okay at this difficult time. Love and prayers, Becky (Gallimore) & Scott Findley & family

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