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Saying goodbye is easier than ever with online webcasting

Using powerful, secure, and flexible technology we stream live events for up to 10,000 people simii. Years ago, a person close to the end of life summoned his or her clan from the village to say goodbye.

Nowadays with loved ones scattered all over the world, that is much harder to do.

With Loving Dedications, a patient can ask everyone to join him or her online to take part in a DVD quality webcast. With capability to handle up to 10,000 viewers, patients share their final thoughts with loved ones everywhere the internet can reach.

As a fully managed service, Loving Dedications sets up the webcast and provides the information necessary for loved ones to connect. We run the webcast equipment and can save and convert it to Flash Video for later viewing on the Hospice Online! page.

Building this service into your portfolio should result in more positive experiences for patients and families and likely result in an increase in donations.

Naturally, this is a HIPAA complaint system.

To view a sample webcast, please click here

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