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Which sells more houses: A postcard to a realtor or streaming DVD quality movie like this?

Deliver a live web broadcast to sell more homes.

Use a highly effective, reasonable cost system to live broadcast unveilings, specs, and new developments for all your area’s realtors at once. These high-quality broadcasts showcase your homes with a live tour, interactive features and an opportunity to meet the CEO.

By providing this service, realtors will introduce buyers to your developments more often, because it makes their job easier and you make them look great.

Using this emerging technology, you’ll reach more realtors and new buyers through them. These webcasts are integrated into the Iwatchitbuilt System for future viewing by website visitors.

New media is the future. We’re your time machine.

For a LIMITED TIME: Get a free 30 day, no obligation trial, along with 30 days of free webcasting.

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