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Loving Dedications brings the funeral home into the living room.

We handle everything, even running the webcast remotely!

Using powerful, technology we stream live events for up to 10,000 people simultaneously in up to high definition.

Unique feature: Your webcasts are accessed directly from your website, and/ or via the Loving Dedication page.

Unique feature: Webcasts are a fully managed service. We provide you with the equipment and the configuration to be able to run webcasts from your location, and with a little bit of lead time from remote locations as well.

There is no equipment to buy, no software to manage, no staff to hire. We handle everything, even running the webcast remotely!

Unique feature: We connect to the computer using remote control software to start, monitor, and complete the webcast. Our system includes the proprietary Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom Control - which controls the camera completely from a remote location.

Keep your families invested in your relationship. Join the webcast with the internet memorial page.

Unique: The most unique and powerful feature is the ability to imbed recordings of live webcasts into our Loving Dedication System internet memorial software. By having the service within the online obituary, more people are drawn to your website – giving you the opportunity to capture their business.

Unique: Is your community trapped in a low bandwidth connection? We can help. Our solution includes giving people on low bandwidth connections with the opportunity to view the service. When uploaded to the online obituary page, the video is automatically ripped to Flash Video. This format makes it accessible for everyone to see.

We create elegant, branded DVD videos of the service and mail them to you to provide to your patrons.

For a limited time: Get a no charge 30 day demo! Includes equipment and a free gift.

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