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Bring up to 20 people together effortlessly via the web.

Unite family in the face of serious illness, or for the joy of a new arrival. Using a proprietary system that links anyone with a webcam, family comes together over the internet, ‘face to face’ in real-time.

According to multiple case studies, better supported people have better health outcomes – lower length of stays, less depression, lower mortality rates and report better experiences.

This fully managed and easy to use service will enhance your patient services with a 21st century, high tech – high touch experience.

To try a one-on-one connection:

Our service uses no programs, just a small flash-based plug-in to most computer browsers. Setup takes place automatically in moments.

How about bringing a family together face-to-face to support a loved-one receiving chemo? Imagine the life changing experience of a last goodbye in a hospice environment.

Bring family together to meet baby on her first day of life.

We support live - up to 20-way webcam based video conferencing - without software to install or hardware to manage. This is a fully managed service. We provide the equipment and take care of the customers each step of the way.

These conferences are secured by high encryption and password protected for entry. They can be recorded and rebroadcast at a future date.

Properly harnessed, PR and advertising opportunities abound. Patient care is the cornerstone of every hospital marketing program. Our services dramatically demonstrate your commitment to families in your care.

Can your hospital afford not to work with us? Contact Us to learn more.

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