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Why is it that PBS asks for money when showing their best content?

How come Easter Seals attaches free address labels to their fundraising letter?

The answer is Reciprocity.

When your hospice provides Loving Dedications, visitors to each person’s Hospice Online! page are frequently more likely to give financial donations .

Social networking creates more buzz around the giving process to drive additional revenues. In addition to the standard systems of social networking provided by our service, we have implemented a giving tree to drive competitive and reactive giving.

These terms denote the effect many of us see in church every Sunday, or the result we see with pledge drives. When one person gives, others want to as well.

By building these factors into the equation, the sum will mean greater revenues for your organization. As with all our services, this is Fully Managed by Loving Dedications. Revenues flow into your bank account from online transaction and donors are given their full deduction rights.

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