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Use Online Event Books to Drive Revenues

Social networking is THE BIG THING in 2009/ 2010. Integrating a sucessful strategy is more than putting up a Facebook page.

Customers today demand online experiences to enhance their real-world events. This is so pervasive in our culture now that PBS Sprout, a channel marketed to toddlers, advertises their online games and user generated content opprtunities!

Loving Dedications creates cutting-edge, fully managed online event pages that become an extension of your website. started the online wedding phenomonon. Adding our services is like a private branded knot page on your website. Each family and event at your location receives a customized interactive website, where people before, during and after the event post their photos, share movies, make webcam recordings, and of course write their well-wishes.

The system contains templates for Wedding Pages, Retirement and Birthday website, Bar/ Bas Mitzva Websites, Anniversay pages and graduation sites. It can be customized for just about any event you’re liley to host, even forums for large groups and seminars.

Adding Online Event Books to your website can add more dollars to your pocket.

How? You can attract more visitors and events through social networking. Visitors coming to the event site will see your brands, your promotions and maintain their cherished relationship with your organization online for as long as they visit. At your option, we can integrate an opt-in email program to kick-start a closed-loop marketing system. Use this contact to develop new business in bookings. Even if it is used passivly, this online system will show off your facility.

Our spectacular service is part of your complete package. By highlighting this emerging service, you’ll gain a leg up on the competition. As other service providors enter the market, you’ll be compared to them for online services. Loving Dedications’ are second to none. You’ll be the best there is.

Our system integrates with our family of products. Video confrence recordings and webcast recordings can easily be uploaded to the site to be viewed in streaming Flash Video afterwards.

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