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Reciprocity – A Give a Meaningful Gift to ask for More Business

Many Funeral industry marketing consultants suggest printing and delivering keepsakes of their loved ones’ internet memorial. That sounds good in theory, but the time and expense are quite great. Quality concerns abound when making something physical from online content alone. If you’re going to give a gift, make it something beautiful.

We take out the work and investment. Loving Dedications prints keepsakes on lustrous, glossy, archival quality paper, with one of the costliest printing systems available.

These beautiful treasures are then mailed to your firm every month for delivery to your families, or for a small extra fee, we can print a personal message on your letterhead and ship directly to the family members of your choice.

We suggest calling survivors in advance and bringing these as a gift from the funeral home. We have one client who get 40% conversion of either aftercare or preneed from this one, simple program.

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