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The Iwatchitbuilt System is like a Facebook page for each home you’re building.

Your supers and contractors easily update the site with photos, written updates and movies in each step of construction so buyers can see their home being built online and share it with friends and family.

This drives more buyers to your website and improves brand awareness. Realtors recognize the extra effort and guide more buyers to your doors. (The iwatchitbuilt system makes them look good too.)

It can make a difference with specs too. Impressive photo galleries, Flash Video and integrated webcasts create a compelling experience.

These mini-website provide an exciting view of your work, to keep buyers engaged.

It also keeps buyers out of the job site and prevents change orders!

We use social networking to engage other possible buyers and provide an easy to share experience that converts website visitors to buyers. Buyers can even link it to their Facebook page!

With their site constantly updating, buyers visit frequently. Put it alongside your other online marketing to watch sales soar.

For a LIMITED TIME: Get a free 30 day, no obligation trial, along with 30 days of free webcasting.

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