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Hospice Online! is like a HIPAA Complaint Caring Bridge page that raises money for your organization.

Caring Bridge and Care Pages make millions in donations. Now you can improve patient and family services while receiving significant passive revenue with Loving Dedications.

Hospice Online! are powerful but easy to use websites that friends and family use to connect with and support loved ones in your care. 
These sites are powered by user driven content – people upload their words, photos, movies, sound clips, webcam dedications, web conferences and web broadcasts onto this fully managed site.  Each piece of uploaded content is approved by our US based staff before it is seen by the public.

Think - Facebook meets a personal Race for the Cure fundraising site.

While using these sites, loved ones are asked to support your mission financially.  The name of the donor (or anonymous) and amount appears on the giving tree after they are completed.  These donations are tied to each individual page, so viewers will see only people they probably know.  This creates socially competitive giving, which drives the bottom line of many services including Caring Bridge and Care Pages.

Security is provided by our more than HIPAA complaint system that utilizes military strength encryption and a numeric access program with password challenge.  And since Loving Dedications is a separate entity, we assume the risk and the work involved.

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