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Improve patient experiences AND the bottom line.

Loving Dedications creates and manages online experiences for seriously ill persons and parents of newborns on our hospital client’s websites. These experiences are designed to improve patient outcomes, facilitate positive contact with loved ones and develop relationships with the community.

Just as importantly - Loving Dedications helps hospitals raise significant passive funds online.

Incorporating profound web experiences for your patients and families is easier today with Loving Dedications. So is raising money online.

Helping Hands Interactive Websites and Online Baby Books are similar to the work Caring Bridge and Care Pages perform. However, Loving Dedications Websites take it a couple of steps further.

Each service supports families challenged with a medical situation. Each provides the ability to upload content like words and photos. That’s where the comparison ends.

Loving Dedications’ websites are private branded to appear the same as the hospital’s. Where Caring Bridge and Care Pages make their money is via affinity marketing – visitors appreciate their service and donate to support it.

What if those millions of dollars went into your hospital’s pocket and not theirs? What if that affinity was placed where it belongs – with you? With Loving Dedications it does.

FeatureLoving DedicationsCompetiton
Appears to be your websiteYESNO
Raises funds for you onlineYESNO
Families can upload their own photosYESYES
Families can upload their own moviesYESNO
Families can upload their own sound clipsYESNO
Families can upload their own webcam videoYESNO
Families can upload their own wordsYESYES
HIPAA compliantYES - even more secureNO
Fully ManagedYESYES
Online photo fulfillment at market ratesYESNO
In-hospital photo fulfillmentOptionalNO
Our staff or yoursYESNO

Fundraising with Loving Dedications couldn’t be simpler. Each person’s HIPAA compliant site has its own fundraising engine that records the amount of donations and the person who gave (or anonymous). When others visit the page, they see their friends and family have supported and thus feel more disposed to doing so.

With just about every possible communication medium available on the internet, your families will be treated to an unmatchable online experience. As visitors feel appreciation for that experience, they are asked to donate to the hospital through the easy online donation system that is integrated with each mini-site. As donations are made, the name and amount appears on each page’s giving tree.

Security is provided by an anonymous numeric system that requires password for entry and military strength encryption. It is both simple and complex to use.

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In the end, you’ll provide higher quality services for your families; while at the same time creating lots of easy revenue for your hospital.

Can your hospital afford not to work with us? Contact Us to learn more.

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