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Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

From the delivery room to the viewing room, life and death come and go. Our software helps families navigate this journey.

As a community resource, most hospices realize their ability to serve comes from their relationships with hospitals, funeral services and community organizations. Loving Dedications creates structured, sustainable relationships between hospice and these groups.

At the heart of this is our extraordinary Loving Dedication System.

In the hospital, Loving Dedications keeps patients connected to support and loved ones. Content builds over time. Words, photos, movies, webcam dedications, chat sessions and webcasts come together on this space to support the patient and his or her family.

All the content from the hospital website comes forward onto the hospice’s website when both organizations are allied.

As the journey comes to a close, families cherish life, love and appreciation on your hospice website – while sharing their money with you via online donations.

At the coda, the journey continues on the funeral home’s website with all the content accumulated over both the hospital and hospice websites.

All of the content created comes forward onto the internet memorial in the funeral home’s or newspaper’s website. With our fully-managed services and beyond HIPAA complaint system revenues and patient flows increase.

Loving Dedications makes these relationships easy. With experience managing community partnerships in a high accountability, sustainable pattern, we build foundations upon which further cooperation can be built.

The revenues flow from sponsorship opportunities, referral marketing and most importantly online donations. We’ll help you fulfill your mission and help your community partners as well.

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