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Today, there is no reason to settle for anything less than greatness.

It is a well know fact that a successful birthing program can drive future revenues for years.

Today, part of that experience must be a quality online extension in the form of the hospital baby book.

Unfortunately, too many hospitals opt for the lowest quality experience due to ease of use and low overhead – by going with a third party to handle and sell photos.

This causes your hospital to miss out on extensive branding and marketing opportunities with the community of loved ones. After all, it is not just mom and dad having this baby. When the hospital shares your-website-branded experience, you’re demonstrating the facilities’ excellence using good old fashioned social networking and the web 2.0 kind.

This builds relationships with the families you serve. Future patrons and patients see your site every time they return to see the latest photos or movies posted by the family.

The chart below compares Loving Dedications’ services to those of our more popular competitors.

FeatureLoving DedicationsCompetiton
Appears to be your websiteYESNO
Raises funds for you onlineYESNO
Families can upload their own photosYESYES
Families can upload their own moviesYESNO
Families can upload their own sound clipsYESNO
Families can upload their own webcam videoYESNO
Families can upload their own wordsYESYES
HIPAA compliantYES - even more secureNO
Fully ManagedYESYES
Online photo fulfillment at market ratesYESNO
In-hospital photo fulfillmentOptionalNO
Our staff or yoursYESNO

Security is provided by an anonymous numeric system that requires password for entry and military strength encryption.

Try it here. Please click on number 0. The password is password

With the ability to upload and share just about everything possible on the internet, your families will be treated to an unmatchable online experience.


When visitors enjoy the web experience, they are asked to donate to the hospital through the easy online donation system that is integrated with each mini-site. As donations are made, the name and amount appears on each page’s giving tree.

The Giving Tree Technology uses social fundraising, much like personal pledge sites from Susan B. Komen Foundation and Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Giving becomes a competitive exercise between visitors. Donations come in automatically without overhead associated with shopping carts and merchant accounts.

In the end, you’ll provide higher quality services for your families; while at the same time creating lots of easy revenue for your hospital.

Can your hospital afford not to work with us? Contact Us to learn more.

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