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A wise man once said, if you want to make money make it easy, make it fun, and show your customers what’s in it for them.

To that end - we present our easy, fun and tremendously profitable alternative to

While Legacy provides an excellent service, they do not give incentive for the funeral home to produce longer (and therefore more profitable for you) obituaries.

We solve that problem by making it easy and more profitable for the funeral home to submit the full obit to the newspaper.

Fact: Many funeral homes will publish the full obituary on their own website and send the death announcement to the newspaper. If the funeral home receives the proper incentive, they will change their process for publishing obituaries.

The secret is in the unique but identical sites. Each site shares content. But the appearance is different.


When the funeral home publishes the obits for their own website, they publish yours as well. Since the funeral home is also making their own obits, they are more likely to publish larger obits to keep their families happy. With longer obits, newspapers makes more money.

Suddenly, they are not working against the newspaper, but are keeping their clients happy with full obituaries.


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How can a newspaper insure funeral homes send longer obits? We can tell you, but you’ll need to Contact Us to find out.

If you’d like to start building more revenue today, please Contact Us now.

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