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Improve patient experiences AND the bottom line.

Loving Dedications creates and manages online experiences for seriously ill persons and parents of newborns on our hospital client’s websites. These experiences are designed to improve patient outcomes, facilitate positive contact with loved ones and develop relationships with the community.

Just as importantly - Loving Dedications helps hospitals raise significant passive funds online.

Our suite of innovative technology services brings patients and their families together with their loved ones anywhere in the world.

According to multiple clinical studies, frequent interaction with family and loved ones reduces patient length of stay, reduces depression and presents lower mortality rates.

We connect loved ones to those in your care – with extraordinary but easy-to-use online experiences.

Helping Hands Interactive Websites are similar to Caring Bridge and Care Pages but with several critical improvements.

FeatureLoving DedicationsCompetiton
Appears to be your websiteYESNO
Raises funds for you onlineYESNO
Families can upload their own photosYESYES
Families can upload their own moviesYESNO
Families can upload their own sound clipsYESNO
Families can upload their own webcam videoYESNO
Families can upload their own wordsYESYES
HIPAA compliantYES - even more secureNO
Fully ManagedYESYES
Online photo fulfillment at market ratesYESNO
In-hospital photo fulfillmentOptionalNO
Our staff or yoursYESNO

These portals are Web 2.0 equipped mini websites. Loved ones use it in the support of a seriously ill person. These sites create rich experiences for people online in a HIPAA compliant system and raise passive revenue for your organization. Online Baby Books are very similar, but are used to share a new life with loved ones online – and fulfill photos at market rates.

Webcasting and @nywhere Video Conferencing bring high quality video conversations to the world. Use @nywhere Video Conferencing to welcome a new life to the family or share the challenges of the latest round of chemo with several loved ones.

Give a patient the ability to say goodbye to everyone at once, or share news and events for the hospital with Webcasting.

Everything we do is a fully managed service, with minimal capital investment and whenever possible presented to appear to come from your organization. By presenting in a ‘private label’ manner, we develop your relationship with the community and make your organization the beneficiary of raised funds.

In the end, you’ll provide higher quality services for your families; while at the same time creating lots of easy revenue for your hospital.

Can your hospital afford not to work with us? Contact Us to learn more.

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