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If we could provide your hospice with significant passive revenue while better serving your patients, would you be interested? What if we sweetened the deal by promising HIPAA compliance and a Fully Managed System?

Loving Dedications provides online services to raise money for hospice, better serve patients and their families and strengthen your relationship with communities you serve.

Using Hospice Online! your hospice will have state of the art interactive websites, similar to but with features far surpassing Carepages and Caring Bridge. These HIPAA compliant, your-company branded websites contain powerful fundraising technology designed to create passive income while providing a powerful emotional/ social experience for the families in your care. Families access these resources through your website, thereby increasing your reach.

With loved ones scattered all over the world, it is hard to bring support to the bedside. With our 6-way Video Conferencing, loved ones can easily come together online and share life ‘face to face’ over the internet using their webcams. This service can reunite families to grant a patient final peace or make a space for supporting survivors.

A related service, our Web Broadcasting technology provides a one-way stream to up to 10,000 persons at the same time. If a patient in your care wishes to say goodbye to many people at one time, he or she can do so from a comfortable place while reaching anyone with a broadband internet connection in the world.

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