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Feature-Rich, Impressive User Experiences in an await your families with our Easy to Use Internet Memorial Program.

Provide the cutting edge user experience of YouTube, FaceBook and MySpace on your website.

Only Loving Dedications clients can boast the cutting edge features found in our Online Obituary Software.

Where else can participants record a message to the family directly from their webcam?

This integrated technology gives everyone with a webcam a chance to speak of their fondest memories right into the camera for everyone to watch – or share words of condolence with their expressions. Like the weblog in the action movie Avatar, participants speak into their webcam and that gets shared with loved ones worldwide.

Perhaps a loved one has a video to share.

As the only provider of online obituary software to provide automatic conversion of digital videos into Streaming Flash Video we are the market leader. Users take their digital movies and with three clicks of the button, share them with friends and family anywhere.

Photos and memorial videos integrate effortlessly with our software. But, perhaps our greatest innovation is the ability to imbed recordings of live webcasts into the internet memorial software itself. By having the service within the online obituary, more people are drawn to your website – giving you the opportunity to capture their business.

View this sample internet memorial with an imbedded webcast.

Reaching affluent buyers requires special commitments. Demonstrating your excellence to the community can be accomplished through high quality Webcasting and DVD recordings; as well as, integration with Facebook.

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